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Dear Pastor Dever, Part 2

Posted by Matt Postiff July 15, 2009 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Church 

Dear Pastor Dever,

Again regarding your statement on millennial views...It seems that with the judgment you judge, you could well be judged. Capitol Hill Baptist's statement of faith includes a couple of things that don't seem essential for church membership. For instance, it looks like one has to believe in regeneration preceding repentance and faith. But there are lots of fine believers that don't go that route--some are even Calvinistic! Your members also have to affirm a belief in the Christian Sabbath. Many fine Christians wouldn't say they believe in a Christian Sabbath, and would also believe that they should not be judged on the basis of one day or another (Romans 14:6, Colossians 2:16).

Are you thus in sin by having your congregation include those beliefs and excluding believers who do not hold to precisely those same views? Is your whole congregation in sin for accepting such a statement?


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