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Suggested Improvement for Thunderbird Email

Posted by Matt Postiff June 12, 2008 on Matt Postiff's Blog under General 

This post is a little out of the ordinary for this blog, but a little frustration with Mozilla's Thunderbird software induced me to write. Hopefully someone "out there" will see it and get this suggestion to where it should go. I searched around for an easy way to do this but did not find one after some searching.

I use the Thunderbird email client. A potential way to improve the software came to mind this morning as I was filing some emails. Right now, Thunderbird offers a quick way to file an email to the same folder that you used to file your last email. On the popup menu it says "Move to "Folder" again… This is helpful, but it would be even more helpful if Thunderbird would observe and learn how I file emails and offer a quick-pick that is relevant based on that learned information. For instance, I file a lot of emails into folders I've named "Firstname.Lastname" based on the sender of the email. Some other emails I file based on topic. But the point is that if Thunderbird observed my behavior, it could easily capture a lot of my behavior for email filing and provide a quicker way to file many emails than scrolling through my long list of folders to find the one I want, then dragging the mail to it. The popup menu could change depending on who the sender is--and based on what it has learned from my past behavior it could say "Move to "Firstname.Lastname"…

UPDATE: I've since discovered Nostalgy, an add-on for Thunderbird, and it does about what I need it to. It's learning function isn't quite like I envisioned above, but it saves me a TON of time. Thanks to Mr. Frisch!

Beyond the mere issue of a software improvement, might I suggest that we always keep ourselves open to suggested improvements? In our churches it would be good to provide an easy way for folks to suggest improvements for us personally, or for the policies and practices of the church. We should not make it hard to find where to suggest improvements, nor should we present an attitude that is resistant to improvements, as if our way is the best way.

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