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Philippians 2:14-15

Posted by Matt Postiff December 29, 2010 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Bible Texts 

The idea in these two verses is that we are to avoid complaining and disputing with the goal of being children of God who are blameless and harmless and without fault.

Complaining is a sinful expression of discontent and selfishness; of displeasure or grievance.

Disputing is reasoning or negative contemplations that may spring forth in arguments that come out verbally in a conflict situation. It is the sinful type of verbal exchange that occurs when conflicting ideas meet.

It takes discernment that comes through careful thinking about your reactions, speech, attitudes, etc. to determine whether something is a legitimate "complaint" or just sinful complaining. It takes practice to determine if someting is a reasonable and sin-free exchange about a conflict or whether it is a sinful type of dispute. There are so many possible situations in which complaining and disputing may take place that each needs to be examined in light of the Bible's teaching, as the Bible is the metric as to whether something is sin or not.

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