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Testimony of Jeremy Wichert

Posted by Matt Postiff December 24, 2010 on Matt Postiff's Blog under General 

This morning I published the personal testimony of a friend named Jeremy Wichert. It is an outstanding account of God's grace in the life of a young man. I would like to commend it for your reading. Check out this part:

“...I knew that I needed Christ. I knew that I did not have a real relationship with God. I knew that I was of my father – the devil...I then told the Lord that I knew that I had trusted in myself and the words that I said that day when I was five for my salvation. I confessed that I knew that it was only through Him that I could be right with God. I knew that I needed His righteousness to be placed to my account. I asked him to become my Savior. James 1:18 sums up my experience so well! It says, 'Of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.' ”

In granting his permission for me to publish the testimony, Jeremy wrote, “I will pray that the Lord will use it for His glory.” I trust the same. SDG.

Read the whole testimony at The Personal Testimony of Jeremy Wichert.

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