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Essentials of Young Earth Creationism

Posted by Matt Postiff January 14, 2011 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Creation 

Just what are the necessary or indispensable elements of the young earth view? In an earlier post I suggested some things that are not necessary parts of young earth creationism (YEC for short). But what are the necessary elements of YEC? Following is a list of sine qua nons.

  1. Hermeneutic: Literal
  2. Method: Direct acts of God
  3. Duration: Six consecutive 24-hr days
  4. Age: 6,000 to 10,000 Years
  5. Theology: Literal Adam and Death Only After the Fall
  6. Geology: Global Catastrophic Flood

I grant that this list is not as compact as it could be since some of the listed concepts overlap one another or can at least partially imply some of the others. However, I do believe this covers all the bases. The bottom line is that if any of these elements are not part of your belief about creation, then you are not a true subscriber to YEC.

In upcoming posts, I will unpack each of the listed essentials.

[I want to say a word of thanks to Professor Robert McCabe of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary for his helpful interaction in my development of this list. He had some refining discussions with Professor William Barrick of Master's Seminary, Terry Mortenson of AIG, and Professor Mark Snoeberger of DBTS that helped in our development of these essentials. I wanted to acknowledge the participation of these men, but since I don't know if they fully agree with the list as I've constructed it, please don't blame them for the final version!]

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