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Is Biblical Christianity Unchristian?

Posted by Matt Postiff April 9, 2011 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Theology 

Some people harbor notions that certain teachings of Christianity are somehow sub-Christian. Such Biblical teachings are considered "too harsh" or "too unloving" or even "too lax" to be possible of the Christian God as He is understood by (say) the common man. For instance:

  • Blood sacrifice—God wouldn't do that! It is too cruel.
  • Free forgiveness—God couldn't do that! It is too easy.
  • Eternal punishment—God shouldn't do that! It is too long and too harsh.
  • Demand for right living—God can't do that! It is too legalistic.
  • Eternal security—God musn't do that! It is too dangerous because it allows people license. God instead should allow scoundrels to lose their salvation as an incentive to keep believers in line!

Despite such protests, each of the items listed left of the em-dash are indeed Christian truths. Forgive the lack of full explanation of each point, but the idea of Christ's blood sacrifice, forgiveness offered apart from works, eternal punishment for unbelievers, God's command to live righteously, and His promise to save to the uttermost, are all taught in the Bible.

Beware lest we become "more Christian" than Christianity by denying these and other such truths.

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