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Is Theistic Evolution a Dangerous Error?

Posted by Matt Postiff October 1, 2011 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Creation 

That is the question I received. Here is my reply:

Theistic evolution is not eternally fatal, as are other deviations such as a denial of salvation by faith alone or the deity of Christ or His substitutionary work. Those are the "fundamentals."

However, theistic evolution is an error. For a short time I used to hold to that back in college. But I quickly realized the conflict of that position in light of the Scriptures. The plain reading of the text is that God created everything directly, and in a short amount of time (six days). Read Exodus 20:11 if you have any doubts on the latter point. Genesis 1 is very clear that God spoke "and it was so." There was no delay between His speaking and the fulfillment.

Someone who reads the Biblical text as if it allows for theistic evolution gives us a signal that they will read other texts of Scripture that way. What other clear doctrines will they deny? They may not be taking the text very seriously at all. This may (I say "may") lead to symptoms like worldliness.

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