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ICR, Take Down That Video!

Posted by Matt Postiff December 20, 2011 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Theology 

The Institute for Creation Research has produced a series of neat little videos called That's a Fact! But the latest one, episode 7 (Baby Zygote), needs to be taken down and redone because it has a very serious theological error.

Here is what the last half of the video says:

"But what about Jesus? While Joseph and Mary were his earthly parents, the Bible says that Jesus was God's only begotten Son. He came completely from God. Some scientists think that the holy thing that was placed in Mary's womb was a fully formed zygote cell. Normally a zygote is made from two reproductive cells: one from the father, and one from the mother. But since Jesus had to be sinless, in order to die for our sins, He didn't inherit anything from either Mary or Joseph. Instead, Jesus inherited everything from His heavenly Father. His birth was a miraculous and unique event in history. And so we can celebrate Christmas knowing that our creator and savior arrived by miraculous means to live a miraculous life and accomplish a miraculous purpose."

Do you notice anything theologically suspect here?

Is it true that Jesus did not "inherit anything from either Mary or Joseph"? From whence came Jesus humanity then? Why didn't God just form Jesus like He formed Adam and put Him onto the earth for His public ministry?

ICR's video promotes an unorthodox view of the virgin birth that calls into question Jesus' full humanity. They should take it down and redo it to make clear that Jesus has a true, organic connection to the human race through Mary, and that He is not a tertium quid.

Besides, the video has other problems. First, it does not make clear that Joseph had absolutely no role in the parentage of Jesus. He was a bystander in that sense. Jesus was conceived and born of a virgin


Second, the video puts too heavy an emphasis on "scientists." Notice how many times the video refers to scientists. Where does it refer to the Bible? What is our authority here? How about referring to some theologians? Or how about mentioning what Christians have understood for centuries about the full humanity and deity of Jesus—part of what we call orthodoxy?

Third, the video offers mere speculation. "Some scientists think that..." And this speculation is where they go wrong. They have no Biblical warrant to talk about a fully formed zygote with no connection to Mary or Joseph. Whenever we speculate, we can get into big trouble. Sure, our speculations may be right. But just as likely, perhaps more than likely given our sinful minds, our speculations can be wrong. Such is the case here.

ICR has done some helpful things, but they should stick to science. Theology is not their forte. They have been historically KJV-only, they have often referred to the odd hermeneutical principle of first reference, they have taught that the gospel is found in general revelation, and with this video they are continuing to promote an unorthodox view of the humanity of Jesus Christ. (See an article by Henry Morris that promotes this special creation view of the virgin birth.)

Be cautious when using their materials. --MAP

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