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Good Friday is Not an Ordinance

Posted by Matt Postiff April 19, 2012 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Church 

We normally have a Good Friday service at Fellowship Bible Church. Traditionally, we had it at noon. But work schedules are not as friendly to Good Friday as perhaps they used to be, so we shifted last year to a 7pm service. It seems to work well.

What I noticed this year (not that it was new, just new to me) is that there are lots of people who regard Good Friday (or Easter, or Christmas) as far more important than "normal days." I try to give latitude to those who esteem one day more highly than another (Romans 14:5-6). Personally, I bias toward the opposite end of the spectrum, like the one who considers every day alike.

But what we cannot do is to elevate Good Friday to a place higher than the ordinance of the Lord's Table. I made that point in the opening remarks of the Good Friday service, and I know it took at least one person off guard. The Good Friday service has become for some people a way, if not the most important way of remembering our Lord's death. Do you think things like "I really have to be at church on Good Friday." Do you think the same way about the first Sunday night of every month when your church gathers for the Lord's Table? Which is more important--the ordinance or the special day?

I simply reminded our church that there are only two ordinances--water baptism by immersion and the Lord's Table. The second one of those is the Lord's appointed way for us to remember His death until He comes. Holidays do not rise to the level of an ordinance!

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