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How To Do a Mailing, Part 2 (update)

Posted by Matt Postiff April 26, 2012 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Church 

Back on April 6 I wrote about our mass mailing to homes in our neighborhood. Here's a bit of an update.

As far as positive response, we had several visitors come out to the Easter worship service. One came back over the next couple of weeks for the teaching series on the resurrection that began on Easter. We also had someone from a neighboring community who saw our website and who was interested in the content of the series.

We have had almost as much negative response as we've had positive response. Our negative respondents consist mainly of atheists who do not want to receive our mailing, or who want to tell us how foolish we are to believe in the resurrection. We have corresponded with them to challenge their presuppositions, but that usually doesn't go very far.

Overall we have had better success with this mailing than with our previous two iterations.

Does anyone have a list of best practices for church mailings?

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