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Outline of Romans

Posted by Matt Postiff January 4, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Bible Texts 

I'm doing some work in Romans in preparation for an upcoming expositional series on the book. Below is an outline I've put together, with the help of a number of other outlines.

  1. Introduction and Theme, 1:1-17
    Paul will proclaim the gospel to the Christians at Rome.
  2. God's Condemnation of Sinful Humanity, 1:18-3:20
    Humanity falls short of God's righteousness and is justly condemned under God's wrath. There is thus a universal need for the gospel.
  3. Imputation of Gospel Righteousness and Justification by Faith, 3:21-5:21
    Christ satisfied God's wrath and provides righteousness for humans.
  4. Impartation of Gospel Righteousness, 6:1-8:17
    God's grace in sanctification, and why Christians must not live in sin.
  5. Faithfulness of God to the Individual in the Gospel, 8:18-39
    The individual's salvation is secure in God all the way to glorification.
  6. Faithfulness of God to Israel in the Gospel, 9:1-11:36
    The promises of God in the previous era have not failed and will yet be fulfilled.
  7. Manifestation of Gospel Righteousness, 12:1-15:13
    The individual Christian will exhibit the character of Christ, particularly by following the law of love. This section of Romans describes how to live as a justified person. This section is tied to section 4: there, the focus is on the source of sanctification in being freed from sin and the work of the Spirit, and the general application of not living in sin. This section shows how that sanctification looks in practice with specific applications.
  8. Apostle Paul's Proclamation of the Gospel, 15:14-33
    Paul’s Ministry to the Gentiles, to Rome, and then to Spain.
  9. Closing, 16:1-27
    Greetings, final exhortation and benediction.

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