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Authority and Rebellion

Posted by Matt Postiff June 27, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Theology 

The context of this post is the various authority/subordinate relationships that God has appointed for you. For instance: you are a wife under the authority of your husband; you are a citizen under the authority of the state; you are a student under the authority of your teacher; you are an employee under the authority of your employer; or you are a Christian under the authority of God's Word.

Think about when the authority says something to you. Are you listening? If not, you are not acting appropriately toward the authority God has placed over you. In other words, you are not respecting the authority, and that is sin.

Next, assuming you listened, do you do what the authority has said or asked you to do? Doing what you have listened to is important. Listening without doing is like looking into a mirror and doing nothing about it (James 1:22-25). If you develop a habit of ignoring what the authorities in your life say or ask you to do, if you stonewall, or if you delay, then you are promoting in yourself a spirit of disobedience. The cultivation of that kind of spirit is very dangerous.

Instead, cultivate an attitude of listening and obedience. Not only does that please the Lord, but it will promote harmony in the authority/subordinate relationship. MAP

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