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Unlocking Revelation from GLOW

Posted by Matt Postiff September 2, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Cults, Etc. 

I received another one of those pamphlets that made me wonder, "Who is sponsoring this?" So, I had a faithful helper in the church do a little research. The title page of the pamphlet had "GLOW" and "Unlocking Revelation," and its contents advertised a "life-changing Bible prophecy seminar coming to multiple locations in SE Michigan." It referred to the website and also

What we discovered was that the seminar is put on by the Seventh Day Adventists. The meeting will be held at the nearby Ann Arbor Adventist Elementary school.

I believe it would be good for advertising like this to have clear markings as to the group it comes from. True--such transparency may not enhance the popularity of the pamphlet, but it does do a lot for openness and integrity.

As far as Adventist beliefs, it is debated among evangelical Christians whether the group is a cult or not. I will not take up that question here. However, there are deep problems with Adventist doctrines, particularly their emphasis on law, Sabbatarianism, soul sleep, the prophetic gift, and the final punishment of the wicked. For at least these reasons, we certainly could not recommend attending the seminar!

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