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How to Ruin Children

Posted by Matt Postiff November 13, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Society 

Some more "anti-advice."

How to Ruin Children, starting at 39:08
  1. Don't discipline them when they do wrong.
  2. Allow them to get away with disobedience, rebellion, and disrespect.
  3. Don't teach them to work hard and don't let them get a job until the last possible minute.
  4. Do their work for them.
  5. Do not teach them manners.
  6. Give them everything they want.
  7. Let them play lots of video games to fill their minds with violence and become accustomed to the feeling of addiction.
  8. Encourage them to communicate with others only through text messages.
  9. Teach them that church is not very important. In fact, teach them that other things like sports and school and entertainment are more important.
  10. Do not teach them their Biblical role in life and home.
  11. Do not teach or live out the gospel in front of them.

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