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Christian Theism Versus Atheism

Posted by Matt Postiff December 10, 2013 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Society 

I've been doing some study in Acts 19. We have in that chapter the interesting situation that Paul, the Christian, is debunking the imaginary polytheistic beliefs of a whole community that believes in the goddess Diana (goddess of the hunt, moon, and birthing). He did the same in Athens (Acts 17) and elsewhere on his missionary tours. In these cases, the Christian confronted a polytheistic world for its belief in imaginary gods and calling it to abandon those beliefs in favor of the belief in the one true God.

Today it is in vogue for atheists to mock the "imaginary" beliefs of Christians in a God they cannot see, who is written about in a Bible that contains all kinds of supposed evil. To them, God is an imaginary friend on the one hand, and His book and practices are unspeakably evil on the other.

This mocking is done by those who imagine spontaneous generation occurred in a primordial pea soup of unknown origin that created complex and varied living systems. These organisms are now in a life and death struggle for survival in a world filled with natural and man-made evil. It seems like the atheist/evolutionist believes in something you cannot see or replicate and which resulted in a world full of evil.

I'll take the Christian Theistic explanation any day! Especially since I understand things a lot differently than the caricature that atheism makes of Christianity. God cannot be seen? True...except that God came as a man in the incarnation and He was seen for over three decades on this earth. The evidence for that is quite overwhelming. God is evil? That simply reflects sinners laying blame for sin at the feet of God instead of at their own feet. God is not a sinner; man is. Just like Adam and Eve tried to shift blame for evil onto someone or something else, so the sinner today does the same thing and shifts blame onto God. But once blame is assigned properly--to people--then God's actions in judging the blameworthy can be understood properly.

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