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Consider Well

Posted by Matt Postiff February 9, 2014 on Matt Postiff's Blog under GeneralĀ 

Guest post by Vincent Brattin, one of our church members.

Consider Well (2/3/2014 by VJB)

Does your church take a stand against moral decay
Or are they afraid of what people might say?
Does your music uplift, and teach real Christian truth
Or do you have drum sets to placate your youth?

Tell me true, is your pastor just "one of the guys"
Wears t-shirts and jeans, never jackets or ties?
And is your congregation so large over there
That only a fraction gets pastoral care?

Is the sermon you hear now so watered and thin
That you're never challenged to deal with your sin?
Are you being prepared to face worlds of wrong?
Instead, will you fall when that cult comes along?

Does your Bible translation still honor what's true?
Or rather, will your paraphrase have to do?
Do you help out the missions with treasure and prayer?
Or maybe you act like they aren't even there?

You attend Sunday morning--well, that's a good start
Or do you think "Finished! Now I've done my part."?
Do you enter your church and think "what can I do?"
Or do you think "serve" is what happens to you?

Chorus: Consider well your house of worship--
Are you where God would have you be?
And are you growing as a Christian?
Just ask the Lord to help you see.

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