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Your Christian Life

Posted by Matt Postiff April 3, 2014 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Theology 

I was listening at lunch to a fine Bible teacher who was explaining how our thinking has to be right, as per Philippians 4:8-9. In explaining this, he said (paraphrase), if your thinking is not right, nothing in your Christian life will be right. That caused me to pause for a minute and think about this phrase "your Christian life." I think we need to be careful how we use this phrase.

Allow me to ask you a question: if you are a Christian, besides your Christian life, what other life do you have?

I believe the Bible clearly teaches that if you are a Christian, you have no other life than your Christian life. If you are a Christian, you have life, and you have it abundantly. You do not have a compartmentalized Christian life, walled off from your other life (or lives). A true Christian has a life that is Christ, from Sunday to Saturday, 24x7, 365 and every February 29. Sure, Christians are not perfect little angels! But if we are Christians, then that describes the totality of our being. We either are Christians or we are not.

If you are living two lives, you better stop and figure out if you really have the Christian life you think you have.

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