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Alcohol and the Christian

Posted by Matt Postiff June 11, 2014 on Matt Postiff's Blog under GeneralĀ 

Hit a run post. I feel like I've said this before. We need to acknowledge that it is possible to ask a bad question. We can ask a question that misleads, or a question that exposes our own answer before we give an answer.

For example: can a Christian drink alcohol?

A better question would be: should a Christian drink alcohol?

In this case, the first question is one of permission. It biases the discussion from the start, so that if a "yes" answer is extracted from the respondent, then all seems to be well for the alcohol drinker. The second question asks a question of value and points the discussion in the direction of what is best, rather than the lowest permissible standard. In reality, both questions need to be asked, and it is a failure to stop at the first question and not ask the second.

That is the subject of a blog post worth reading.

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