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Zechariah 12-14 Timeline

Posted by Matt Postiff October 18, 2014 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Bible Texts 

13:7 — The Good Shepherd is stricken. This is separated by a distance of many centuries until the next event on the timeline.


13:8 — The Tribulation period. This is the beginning of the "dark" period of the Day of the Lord.


12:1-3 — The nations come against Jerusalem at the end of the Tribulation.


14:1-2 — Israel is almost entirely destroyed by the nations.


14:3-7 — The Lord returns from Heaven in order to deliver the Jews from utter destruction. There will be a very strange evening-light phenomenon in the heavens. delivers Israel from their enemies by providing an escape route through a newly created valley through the Mount of Olives.


12:4-9 and 14:12-15 — God will supernaturally destroy Israel's enemies. The "blessing" portion of the Day of the Lord begins.


12:10-13:6, 9 — The spiritual salvation of the remnant, including their repentance from sin, the cleansing of forgiveness, and the removal of idolatry and false prophets from the land. It is difficult to place events #5-7 in strict chronological order, since the Lord's coming will effect both (somewhat simultaneously?) the destruction of Israel's enemies and the salvation of the Jewish people.


14:8-11 — Kingdom blessing includes certain transformations of the land and Christ's rule over the entire earth. Significant topographical modifications will be made to the area around Jerusalem.


14:16-21 — Kingdom blessing also includes the nations worshiping before God and widespread ceremonial holiness throughout Jerusalem, even on horses bells and cooking utensils.

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