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I Don't Drink Alcohol Because

Posted by Matt Postiff October 24, 2015 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Society 

I don't drink alcohol because:

  1. We are commanded not to be drunk. Drunkenness sets in quite soon after drinking begins. If it doesn’t because you have built up resistance, you already have a serious problem.
  2. Drinking is not necessary to live, or to enjoy life.
  3. Drinking only a few beers puts most people into the impaired or intoxicated category.
  4. Drinking can form a habit and addiction which can be deadly.
  5. Drinking is potentially destructive of families, in auto accidents, etc.
  6. Drinking is offensive to many Christians.
  7. Drinking blurs your testimony to the world.
  8. Drinking moderately can lead your kids into drinking immoderately.
  9. Drinking is a waste of money and supports a bad industry.
  10. Drinking clouds judgment and deadens senses and conscience.
  11. Drinking is not compatible with Christian ministry, just like it was not compatible with Tabernacle ministry.
  12. Drinking is not necessary medicinally or to purify drinking water.
  13. Drinking is not the best or most excellent choice.
  14. Drinking is often associated with sexual immorality and other sinful lifestyles.

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