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Christmas in Heaven

Posted by Matt Postiff December 25, 2016 on Matt Postiff's Blog under General  Church 

A reminder for those whose loved ones have gone to heaven.

Those believers who have died worship the Christ of Christmas in person.

There is no Christmas tree, for Christ Himself is there.

Their gifts are not material things, but rather heaven itself and all its glory.

Their songs are not weakened by human frailty but are strengthened by God.

Their hearts are not sad, but are glad because of the sight of God.

Their memories are purified so that they focus not on the darkness of past earthly life.

Their lives are marked by rest and not anxiety.

Their fellowship is sweet, with all those believers who have died before them and since.

Their dwelling place is perfect, with no lack.

Their hearts are free from the cares of earthly life.

They experience the tender mercy of God every moment. Do not be sad for them!

They remind us that Christmas is one key reason that they are there in heaven now, and why we can hope to go there too.

They await with perfect patience our coming to join them.

They call to us with silent voice to worship as best we can until the Lord deems that it is our time to join them there in Christmas celebration, for all eternity.

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