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Knowing God

Posted by Matt Postiff August 13, 2018 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Theology 

Another short article that collects a few thoughts. Maybe they will be helpful to you.

1. God knows you.

2. You can know God (and in fact already do).

3. How? Through creation (Romans 1:19-20); through Jesus (John 14:8-9); and through the Bible as a whole.

4. Why is it important to know God? Because God says that we are to be holy as He is holy--so we must have some knowledge of Him. But this is impossible in and of ourselves because of our sin, so we must also know Jesus, who can take away our sin (1 John 3:5).

5. Trust in the name of the Lord, and rely upon God (Isaiah 50:10). Return to the Lord, and He will have mercy (Isaiah 55:7).

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