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Present Truth = Present Error

Posted by Matt Postiff April 20, 2011 on Matt Postiff's Blog under Cults, Etc. 

For some time I have been receiving a magazine called Present Truth from Life Research International. It took me some time to figure out exactly who these people were (I recall not being able to find them online some time ago). While I don't have all the details down pat, they seem to believe in the Trinity, six-day creation, the free will of man, the resurrection of Christ, and His second coming. They have an odd view of the the church, as they believe it is composed of true believers and hypocrites. They also have a strange view (almost post-millennial) of the condition of man just prior to the second coming.

My questions about this group were answered when, in Volume 10 , Number 2, the magazine published an article that promoted soul sleep, annihilation, and a repudiation of eternal Hell for unbelievers. Then in Number 3, a letter to the editor included this: "You know what I liked about your publication this time? It never did jive with me that GOD would extend hell's suffering of damnation & gnashing of teeth forever. I always ignored that type of statement. If the wrath of God upon the unrepentant causes immense pain but culminates in destruction or annihilation of the person, body and soul, that makes more sense to me & better fits the God I know."

So...beware. Here is a serious warning to stay away from these folks (Philippians 3:2, beware). They sound good in some respects, but this error is way off the charts. When people promote a self-autonomous, Bible-denying philosophy such as "it never did jive with me" and "better fits the God I know," there is a clear problem. Man has become the authority instead of the clear revelation of God.

Thanks for reading. I'm just doing my job (Romans 16:17-18, 2 Thess. 3:14, 1 Timothy 1:3, Titus 1:13).

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