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The Institute offers five certificate programs. They are the Introductory Bible, Advanced Bible, Theology, Practical Christian Living, and Christian Leadership programs. The Institute will also offer various short seminars in various topics. In order to obtain the certificate, required and elective classes must be taken in accordance with the programs as listed below.

The institute has two primary goals: to train believers to know and do the Word of God (Matthew 28:19-20), and to prepare future church leaders (2 Timothy 2:2). It is open to members of our church and other like-minded believers.

0. Introductory Bible Program

Objective: Increase your familiarity with the entire Bible.

Assignments: Bible reading and writing of Bible book outlines for each book.

Meetings: Meet with the instructor and others in the program in order to compare outlines. This will happen approximately once a month.

Classes: There will be no formal lecture classes in this program. Class #001 will be the identifier for the Genesis assignment, 002 for Exodus, ..., 039 for Malachi, 040 for Matthew, ..., 066 for Revelation.

All 66 Bible books must be read and outlined to obtain this certificate.

1. Advanced Bible Program

Objective: Increase your knowledge of various Bible books and sections of the Bible.

Assignments: Bible and commentary reading and writing of reports on interpretive and application issues from each book studied.

Meetings: Approximately every two weeks.

Classes: Four required classes and six elective classes obtain this certificate.

101: Genesis

102: Exodus

118: Job

121: Ecclesiastes

127: Daniel

140: Matthew

143: John

144: Acts & Ministry of Paul

145: Romans

146: 1 Corinthians

147: 2 Corinthians

148: Galatians

149: Ephesians

150: Philippians

151: Colossians

152: 1 Thessalonians

153: 2 Thessalonians

158: Hebrews

159: James

160: 1 Peter

161: 2 Peter, Jude

162: 1 John

166: Revelation

170: OT Introduction & Survey

171: Pentateuch

172: OT Historical Books

173: OT Poetic Books

174: OT Major Prophets

175: OT Minor Prophets

180: NT Introduction & Survey

181: Gospels

182: Pastoral Epistles

2. Theology Program

Objective: Build a robust knowledge of Christian doctrine.

Assignments: Bible and book reading, writing of book reviews, and participating in class discussions.

Meetings: Approximately every two weeks.

Classes: Seven required classes and three electives to obtain this certificate.

205: Man and Sin

210: Angels, Demons, and Satan

220: Bible

221: Dispensationalism

222: Kingdom of God

223: Creation

224: Apologetics

225: Hermeneutics

226: How We Got Our Bible

230: God

231: Jesus Christ

232: The Holy Spirit

240: The Church

241: Theology of Missions

250: Church History

251: Fundamentalism & Separation

260: Theology Survey

270: Salvation

271: Sanctification

280: Future Things

290: Advanced Theology

291: Cults and World Religions

3. Practical Christian Living Program

Objective: Develop a sound Biblical foundation for living the personal Christian life, and for using your spiritual gifts in the local church.

Assignments: Bible and book reading, participating in class discussions and church-related projects.

Meetings: Approximately every two weeks.

Classes: Seven required classes and two electives to obtain this certificate.

305: Introduction to Christianity

306: Church Membership

310: Bible Study Methods

311: Leading a Bible Study

320: Personal Christian Life

321: Premarital Counseling

322: The Christian Family

323: Developing a Biblical Marriage

326: Sin and the Body

327: Christian Finance

328: Death & Dying

370: Church Ministry & Spiritual Gifts

372: Evangelism and Visitation

373: Discipleship Training

374: Music

375: Perspective on Missions

379: Capstone Project

390: Seminar: Various Topics

4. Christian Leadership Program

Objective: Develop a Biblical understanding of local church offices and the functions of deacons, pastors, and missionaries, to complete the loop of 2 Timothy 2:2.

Assignments: Bible and book reading, participating in class discussions and projects.

Meetings: Approximately every two weeks.

Classes: Three required classes and two electives obtain this certificate.

410: Office of Deacon

411: Church Finance and Treasury

420: Office of Pastor

421: Preparing Sermons

422: Preaching Sermons

423: Biblical Counseling

440: Introduction to Biblical Greek

450: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

490: Independent Study

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