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Bibliography for the Bible Institute

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Bible Programs

  • BibleWorks -- BibleWorks 8 is the best Bible research tool for Windows. It has numerous Bible translations and search features, grammatical aids, diagramming, and much more. Unlike most of the other programs listed on this page, it is not free. It sells for about $350 for the base package.
  • Accordance -- Accordance 8 is the premier Bible study tool for Macintosh computers. It gives the user access to Bible translations, original language texts, and a host of commentaries. It also is not free.
  • Logos -- Logos 4 is also a Windows and Mac Bible study platform, but its real strength lies in the large number of commentaries and Bible-related books that it offers. The advantage of such "e-books" is that they are searchable and cross-linked with one another.
  • -- e-sword one of the best free Bible software packages. Its functionality and features compare to or surpass many commercial Bible programs. Its features include commentaries, Strong's Hebrew/Greek, visual aids, and support for personal notes and scripture highlighting. Commentaries include Gill's commentary and Wesley's commentary.
  • -- The Onlinebible has lots of versions and good search capabilities, Greek, Hebrew, etc.
  • SWORD Project for Windows -- Another free Bible program that has access to several older English versions, Greek and Hebrew. There is other software that uses the same modules for Linux (BibleTime and GnomeSword). See the CrossWire homepage for more details.

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