Supported Platforms

Linux and Windnows

Bibledit-Desktop is developed on on Linux and Windows platform. Our goal is to support these two platforms so that Bibledit-Desktop will be available as an open source Bible translation tool on both of those common platforms.


We do not presently support a Mac version of Bibledit-Desktop. But here is our old collection of notes useful for trouble-shooting Bibledit-desktop on Mac OS X. Perhaps it will get you started on a port of the newest version of Bibledit-Desktop to the Mac platform.

  1. To update macports; sudo port selfupdate
  2. Macports installs bibledit-gtk in /opt/local/bin/bibledit-desktop
  3. Macports runs the standard ./configure, make, make install sequence. It uses ./configure --prefix=/opt/local
  4. To clean bibledit: sudo port clean --all bibledit
  5. To install bibledit: sudo port install bibledit
  6. To uninstall bibledit: sudo port uninstall bibledit
  7. List the linked libraries: otool -L bibledit-desktop
  8. Macports verbose output: Add the debug flag straight after the port command: port -d ...
  9. Any crash in any app, check "tail /var/log/system.log" for more info.
  10. The bibledit.log log file usually is in a subdirectory of /private/var/folders/. To locate it: find /private/var -name bibledit.log
  11. The portfile is located at /opt/local/var/macports/sources/
  12. To create the md5 value for the Portfile: $ md5 bibledit-gtk-x.x.tar.gz
  13. To create the rmd160 for the Portfile: $ openssl rmd160 bibledit-gtk-x.x.tar.gz
  14. To also recursively uninstall the ports that bibledit depends on: $ sudo port uninstall --follow-dependencies bibledit
  15. To display the Mac OS X version and build: $ sw_vers

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