What's New?

Find out what you are missing if you have an old version of Bibledit-Desktop.

Version 4.15, Released 5/1/2018

  • Add English Majority Text version to the Analysis window
  • Support tools for above
  • Fix command-line argument handling
  • Fix Bibleworks export to put out Windows-1252 codepage character set (it was exporting some 2-byte characters)
  • All dialog boxes and assistant windows have transient_parent set
  • Further preparatory work for repeated phrase checking tool
  • French translation update and stylesheet internationalization
  • Video

Version 4.14, Released 4/24/2018

  • Fixes for French language interface on Windows; internationalized stylesheet
  • Partial fix of auto-scrolling problem when navigating to a verse
  • Finished drop of OLPC support
  • Preparation for moving to gtk3 libraries
  • Fixes to cross-reference database (generator script had some bugs)
  • Re-organized documentation available at GitHub

Version 4.13, Released 3/28/2018

Version 4.12, Released 3/19/2018

  • Faster key term loading, faster Bible import.
  • New concordance feature. See a video demonstration here.
  • Bibledit now includes several reference Bibles--the Byzantine Greek text (Pierpont/Robinson) and SBL Greek New Testament, as well as the Lexham English Bible. See a video demonstration here.
  • Fix bugs in Find and Project Comparison. The project comparison dialog box has changed slightly to be more clear as to what project is the base project. The changes should be self-explanatory once you see them.

Version 4.11, Released 9/12/2017

  • Keyterms index window now properly remembers its scroll position so when you jump "back" to the index, you can easily find where you left off last time.

Keyterm Subsets, Released 4/4/2017

These are subsets of the larger Bibles International key terms lists. If you want to do checks on key terms from that list but only focus on a particular section of the canon, say the poetic books or the gospels, these keyterm sets will help you do that. You can download the appropriate file and use the keyterm import function to load them into your Bibledit. These files will also be available in future editions of Bibledit (after but not including 4.10). Right click and select "Save link as..." or equivalent.

Other subsets of key terms are easy to generate using a script. Let me know if you need another set not listed here.

Version 4.10, Released 4/4/2017

  • New version numbering method. New versions will be 4.11, 4.12, ... in place of the 4.x.y scheme.
  • Fix opendocument export on Linux.
  • Significantly speed up keyterm import.
  • Fix bug on keyterm viewing where parsing of Bible text footnotes went into infinite loop.
  • New keyterms lists for NT; each key term is now numerically indexed.

New Keyterms Database Released 3/30/2017

  • Right click on the link above and select "Save Link As..." or its equivalent in your browser.
  • Now contains Bibles International NT and OT key terms lists, with references to their uses.
  • Also includes a reduced list of key terms for Psalms and Proverbs.
  • A script is available to produce a reduced list from any subset of Bible books to assist translators who are focusing their attention on a particular segment of the canon.

Instructions for installing

  • First, quit Bibledit.
  • Second, backup your current C:\users\username\.bibledit\templates\keyterms.sql file to someplace where you will be able to find it again. I am concerned that you not lose this information, because you may have made modifications to it over the course of time. You may have to hunt a minute to find your .bibledit working directory, but it should be there somewhere in your user directory.
  • Third, download http://www.fbcaa.org/bibledit/keyterms.sql by right clicking and choosing "Save link as..." It is about 13 megabytes. Copy the freshly downloaded keyterms.sql into the .bibledit\templates folder, the same one mentioned above, overwriting the old file that you previously backed up. Also, copy the keyterms.sql file to C:\Program Files\Bibledit-4.9.9\editor\share\bibledit\.
  • Fourth, restart Bibledit. If the Check keyterms window is not already open, go to Check | Keyterms to show it.
  • You should see the list of collections that now includes three "BI" keyterm lists.

Version 4.9.9, Released 3/20/2017

  • Can run with French interface. Create shortcut that points to "C:\Program Files\Bibledit-4.9.8\editor\bin\bibledit-fr.cmd" and it should show the menus and messages in French. This script sets the environment variable LANGUAGE to fr and then runs the bibledit executable.
  • Fixed opendocument export on Windows.
  • Fixed Help | About web link so it opens the web browser properly.

Version 4.9.8, Released 1/8/2017

  • Internal typesetter prints to "projectname.pdf" instead of generic filename "document.pdf".
  • Simplify import assistant so fewer clicks are required to start it.
  • Merge keyterms import assistant into main import assistant to simplify workflow.
  • Fix crash when switching from USFM view to Formatted view in Warao Psalms translation.
  • Simplify backup assistant; provide default backup filename that has date and time in the name.
  • Add Ctrl-T hotkey for window tiling (View | Tile Windows)

Version 4.9.7, 6/24/2016

  • Footnote insert dialog box defaults to larger text entry window so more of note is visible.
  • Bug fix: footnotes would sometimes be lost or duplicated.

Version 4.9.6, 6/6/2016

  • View | External Resource | Bibleworks that tells Bibleworks to navigate to the current verse of Bibledit. Works best if you already have Bibleworks open.
  • Printing through internal typesetter now does not use Bibledit Windows Outpost; instead it directly produces and opens the PDF file.

Version 4.9.5

  • View | Tile Windows menu item to tidy up your desktop. Hat tip: code from Birch Champeon.
  • USFM export option to merge Bible book USFM files into a single combined USFM. Useful for mass InDesign import. Hat tip: Idea from Alex Wheeler.
  • View | External Resource that quickly jumps to the passage in a web resource. The list of web sites is short, curated for Bible translators.
  • Bug fix: Parallel passage printouts now show all verses in a range instead of only the first one.

Version 4.9.4

  • Navigation bar "jump to" command line. Focus with F2. Type Bible verse address and it will jump you there.
  • Preferences | Printing double-space single-column draft printing to PDF.
  • Preferences | Printing ability to change gap between columns in 2-column print layout.
  • More responsive text editing.

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