April 30, 9:45am
Sunday School for all ages
April 30, 10:45am
Parable #25: The Good Samaritan
April 30, 6:30pm
Singspiration At Hiawatha Bible Church, No Service at FBC

2017 Bible Guide

How to Join Fellowship Bible Church

Thanks for your interest in joining FBC. This page will give you some "homework" to do in preparation for joining the church.

Procedure for Membership

  1. Review the materials provided on this page.
  2. Meet with the pastor(s) of the church to go over these materials.
  3. Turn in your membership application, including your personal salvation testimony.
  4. Meet with the deacons and pastor(s) to share your salvation testimony.
  5. The church council recommends you for membership.
  6. The church will vote to receive you into membership. No public speaking is required!

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