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Funeral Ministry: Comfort in a Time of Grief

One of the service ministries that we offer through Fellowship Bible Church is to help those who have lost someone to death and who desire a traditional Christian funeral to help remember their loved one. Though you may be in a time of grief, important spiritual things can happen in the lives of those who are present at a funeral or memorial service. Some families do not have a church or they have been absent for a long time from their church due to an extended illness. If your family needs a minister to conduct a funeral, we would be pleased to help.

You may have several questions:

1. What is the cost?

Some families are concerned about the financial burden of a funeral service. There are no fees for our services at a funeral. Traditionally, the family offers the minister an honorarium of whatever amount they can afford. In many cases we can offer the use of our church building at no cost. It seats up to 150.

2. What kind of service should we have?

Here are some suggestions:

    • A funeral or memorial service at the church or funeral home, with or without a graveside service;

    • A funeral or committal service at the graveside or in a building on the cemetery grounds;

    • A memorial service for a loved one who has been cremated.

3. What will be said at the funeral?

Normally we have family members share some memories of the person who is deceased. There may be music, or not. One of our pastors will share a message from the Bible. We will refer to God and Jesus and what the Bible says about salvation, so people know how to be assured of their own eternal destiny. We will do our best to bring comforting words to those who are Christians and encourage those who are not Christians to consider their standing before God.

4. Is this a real offer?

It sounds like a free lunch. It may be hard to believe, but our goal is to serve God and people. We are not in Christian ministry for money. We would rather help people get into a good relationship with God so they too are ready when their appointed time comes.

5. Are there other ways to reduce cost?

The cost of funerals is very high. Another helpful thing we have learned is that you can purchase a lower cost casket than you might be offered through a funeral home. Check this well-known supplier and make sure to read the important information they provide to be sure you are making the right choice.

If you are interested in this assistance, please call the church at 734-975-8949, or at 734-971-2837, or through the form below. We can talk with the contact person for the family, and then meet briefly with the family one time before the service(s) in order to prepare.

I hope we can be of assistance to you.


Pastor Matt Postiff

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