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Membership Application Form for Fellowship Bible Church



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1. Have you personally trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior?*

2. When were you saved? Please relate briefly your testimony. Include your age at the time when you were saved, any particular person that led you to the Lord, and one or two Bible verses which are meaningful for you in terms of your salvation.*

3. Are you sure of your salvation? Please include one or two Bible verses to justify your answer.*

4. Have you been baptized by immersion after you believed in Christ? When and at what church?*

5. When you were baptized what did you understand baptism to signify?*

6. Why do you want to join the church?*

7. Describe your present spiritual life, such as church attendance, Bible reading, prayer, Christian growth, etc. Are there sins that would prevent you from becoming a member in good conscience?*

8. Do you accept and resolve to live as written in the church covenant (Article III of the Constitution)?*

9. Do you accept and subscribe fully to the Constitution and Doctrinal Statement? If no, what are your specific reservations? Why do you think these reservations should not prevent you from becoming a member of the church?*

10. Are you currently a member of a church? If yes, what is the name of the church and its location (city, State)?*

Please type your name, including middle initial, as your signature. By signing, you indicate your desire to join the membership of Fellowship Bible Church, and that you agree to conduct yourself according to all the privileges and responsibilities that come with membership.


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