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Membership Introduction

The membership material is designed to be covered in an informal class setting with the pastor of the church.

Welcome to the Fellowship Bible Church membership class! We are glad that you are considering to join Fellowship Bible. We trust that upon review of the doctrine and constitution of the church that you will be able to wholeheartedly subscribe and officially join with us.

Please feel free to ask honest questions as we go through this material in the class.

You do not have to understand all that is written in the documents to the nth degree, but if you become a member, you are agreeing to follow the constitution and doctrine. If you come to an impasse at some point in the future, then we hope that you consult with Pastor and the deacons to see if further instruction may help you. If not, you may resign your membership at that point.

Taking the membership class does not automatically mean that you have to become a member. We are not looking to fill up our membership rolls for the sake of increased attendance. If you have significant disagreements with our doctrine and practice, then we will not be able to partner together through official membership. Even so, you may still fellowship with us and we hope you learn and grow in the faith.

You should be aware of one procedural matter that is a standard practice for all members joining FBC who have previously belonged to another church. We will normally check with your previous church about your standing so we can know whether a transfer is appropriate. It is best if you communicate with your former church and pastor to let them know your plans, and, if appropriate, why you have decided to leave the church. It would be helpful if this happened before our communication reaches your former church. A personal visit is the best way to initiate this contact with your former pastor, but a call or letter can be used if there is some ‘ice’ to break. By taking these steps, we ensure that we are not accepting someone into fellowship who may be under church discipline at another church; or who has left without tidying up the loose ends that sometimes happen when there are conflicts or other issues between church members. This will ensure we maintain a good testimony in the sight of God and man.

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