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Love Fulfills the Law - Jansen Lorch

Audio from August 19, 2020 PM | Galatians 5:7-10
Posted August 19, 2020 | Length: 00:29:58 | File size in bytes: 5396004

Paul compares the Galatians life of faith with a race, a figure he used frequently. They had a good beginning-they had received the gospel message by faith and had begun to live their Christian lives by faith as well. The legalistic influence of the Judaizers prevented the unsaved from responding in faith to the gospel of grace and true believers from living by faith. Salvation by works, God does not promote legalism. Any doctrine that claims His gracious work is insufficient to save is false. A common axiomatic saying 'leaven', regarded the influence in dough. Leaven is often used in Scripture to denote sin because of its permeating power. Paul also expresses encouraging assurance that the Lord will be faithful to keep His own from falling into the gross heresy. They will preserve and be preserved. All false teachers will incur strict and devastating eternal condemnation.

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