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Lord's Table: The Joy of Salvation - Matt Postiff

Posted September 8, 2020 | Length: 00:26:30 | File size in bytes: 4772196

In our present time with worldly events there are a substantial amount of disheartening news filled with deceit. For the Christian we can have a deep-seated kind of joy and happiness despite the things that are going on around us. Our joy is not the same kind that the world perceives joy which is based on a fleshly sense. A Christians joy is much different than that founded on a more peaceful and tranquility knowing that being in Christ we are right with God. What joy comes to the mind and the heart when the burden of sin is removed from our soul. Salvation is much bigger than forgiveness from our sins but it includes God accounting his believers as righteous before Him, promises His children inheritance to life, helps us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and He reserves a place for us in His kingdom.

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