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The Hebrew Roots Movement Part 1 - Matt Postiff

Posted December 7, 2020 | Length: 00:28:46 | File size in bytes: 5178384

This evening we study the basic idea of the Hebrew Root's Movement is that the church has lost its way and must return to the Jewish or Hebrew Roots of it's faith in first century. The ideology paints a picture of what the Christian church was like in the first century being 'pristine' but believers have strayed away from the faith and have gone astray for the many denominations of Christianity, where we must go back to the Jewish and Hebrew practice in the faith. Some key practices and beliefs this ideology could include 1) elevating the law of Moses 2) Kosher diet is required, keeping the sabbath, and keeping the Jewish feasts 3) teaches that Christ came to clarify the Jewish oral law was not of divine origin 4) sometimes requires changing your name to a Hebrew name 5) use the personal name of God (ex: Yahweh) 6) critical of Christian traditions such as Christmas was derived from pagan rituals 7) some deny the trinity and deity of Christ 8) sin is lawlessness (breaking the Torah) 9) uses Numbers 15:16 to emphasize one law applying to the Jews, Gentiles and for forever.

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