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Israel Will Be Restored, Part 2 - James Widgeon

Posted January 12, 2021 | Length: 00:37:54 | File size in bytes: 6824520

In Sunday school, our teacher James taught from Amos 9:11-15. The people of Israel had a misplaced trust in their status as "God's people." They were that, but this did not exempt them from punishment for their sin. In fact, their status as God's people actually heightened their responsibility. Where the people went wrong is that they looked at what God did in making them special as Him granting them possessory rights, rights that others do not have. They thought then that nothing could take those away. In fact, they have promissory rights, but there are conditions that come with such rights. There is a bi-lateral nature to these rights. They wanted God to keep His part of the agreement, while they did not keep up their side of the agreement. For us, Amos seems afar off. He prophesied 2,800 years ago. And the things he speaks in 9:11-15 are in the future for us. But they are an encouragement for us because God will accomplish His purposes. God always has a remnant. God will never fail.

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