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Tongues and Understanding - Matt Postiff

Audio from February 14, 2021 AM | 1 Corinthians 14:6-25
Posted February 16, 2021 | Length: 01:04:06 | File size in bytes: 23079600

This morning we continue our study where the apostle Paul is not finished writing on the subject of spiritual gifts, in particular, tongues and understanding. The problem exposed by tongues in the church in Corinth is important enough that Paul repeatedly speaks on the subject matter. Nearly two millennia later, the world is still racked with problems surrounding the gifts of tongues. Some naming Christ demand you speak in gibberish in order to demonstrate genuine salvation; people lose heart because they have not received that gift yet; people ask God to give it to them when in fact He will not; church services are in total disorder and not accomplishing the teaching and preaching of God's Holy Word; associated "miraculous" gifts supposedly operate in the church buy are actually lies, such as fake healing services; and this false doctrine along with the prosperity gospel is preached and believed among 300 million or more souls.

Our Scripture reading was found in Isaiah 24:1-23.

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