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Pastoral Guidance about the COVID-19 Vaccine - Matt Postiff

Posted April 12, 2021 | Length: 00:49:38 | File size in bytes: 17868384

In this message Pastor Matt Postiff shares some of his guidance about the COVID-19 vaccine. Pastor Matt is not against the COVID vaccine or vaccines in general. He has taken many vaccines; others he has not. The point of this message is to give you some food for thought and perhaps correct some irrational and fleshly thinking about the whole matter. It is to prevent you from saying rash things that you will have to take back later, or uninformed things that are false.

COVID may not be as bad as some of the numbers say. But it is real. A vaccine is one important tool in dealing with the problem. But you have to decide, with all of these factors in mind, whether you are able to take it or whether you should, and when. Over time we should expect that as the vaccine rollout continues that we will see a decline in serious cases amongst the elderly, and we will see a rise in cases among the young. The pandemic simply has to run its course. We cannot stop it. We may slow it down, but it will only come back to bite us later by "making up for lost time." That is just the nature of highly transmissible viruses.

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