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Paul’s Greetings to Titus - Matt Postiff

Posted June 1, 2021 | Length: 00:57:43 | File size in bytes: 20780928

Paul is a servant and apostle whose goal is to see God’s elect come to faith and knowledge of the truth. This is founded upon the hope of eternal life which God has promised, and He cannot lie. The promise was made from eternity past, but has been manifested at just the right time through the vehicle of preaching. To Paul this preaching was entrusted according to the command of God our Savior. May you desire to live with the same kind of purpose as Paul—to help people be saved, sanctified and glorified. Furthermore, may you be one who can be called a “true child according to the standard of the commonly received Christian faith.” Simultaneously, you yourself need to be being sanctified so that your life reflects godliness. Finally, may God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ grant you grace, mercy, and peace.

Our Scripture reading was found in Isaiah 54:1-17.

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