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Earthly Treasures, Part 2 - Matt Postiff

Audio from June 9. 2021 PM | Matthew 6:22-34
Posted June 14, 2021 | Length: 00:35:42 | File size in bytes: 12855312

We continue our study in the sixth book of Matthew, focused on the teachings of Jesus on treasures. Christians are called to not seek earthly treasures but rather heavenly treasures. Jesus speaks about the natural decay of belongings, belongings that cannot be taken with you when you physically die. Jesus states to place their hope in Christ and His promises alone. We also focused on Jesus' words on the lamp of the body is the eye, in which He referred to a persons superficial earthly religion as having a stained heart of darkness. Additionally, Christians are called to serve God rather than mammon (money). We also focused on Christ's words on not worrying, but rather trust in Christ that he will provide for our necessities. God knows what we have need of, Christians are called to put our faith in Christ and lift up our prayer requests to Him.

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