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The Golden Rule - Matt Postiff

Posted August 4, 2021 | Length: 00:27:14 | File size in bytes: 9808416

In this message Pastor Matt teaches us the importance of not just saying, but doing. Not just thinking, pondering, commenting, or connecting it to other texts. Rather, the Lord wants us to observe/keep/obey/follow/put into practice this principle. We do not obey because we are sinners. We do not obey to our own hurt. Others do not follow this because they too are sinners. We do not do to others as we would have them do to us because we think on our own things, about ourselves, and we do not stop to think about others. Further, we do not put God first. We have to love God with all our hearts, and then we can love our neighbors properly. If we put self first, God and others come last. We have to put God first, and then others will come along in the right order, and then self last. I wonder… do you think we should treat God as we like him to treat us?

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