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Teaching Grace - On the Christian Life - Matt Postiff

Audio from August 8, 2021 AM | Titus 2:11-15, Part 2
Posted August 9, 2021 | Length: 00:53:03 | File size in bytes: 19103328

We learned about saving grace in the prior message. In this one, we learn about teaching grace, which we could also call sanctifying grace. In verse 14, we will see sacrificing grace. God has explained through Paul the basis for living and doing church the way that was commanded in chapters 1 and 2. That basis is the grace of God that brings salvation and sanctification, and teaches us to look forward to the coming of Christ. This is sufficient motivation for us to live the Christian life. The two things—salvation and sanctification—are inseparable. You cannot profess to know God and then in works deny Him. That is not Christianity. You must profess God and your grace-driven works must demonstrate the reality of your profession. Good works do not cancel grace or obtain grace; they are the fruit of grace! Grace trains and enables this kind of life.

Our Scripture reading was found in Ezekiel 4:1-10.

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