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The Right Understanding of the Sabbath - Matt Postiff

Posted November 16, 2021 | Length: 00:38:22 | File size in bytes: 13817664

In this message Pastor Matt leads our continued study in the book of Matthew, focused in chapter 12. The Pharisees became enraged at Jesus because of His miracle. They could not “trap” him and it was obvious to the onlookers that Jesus was absolutely right. Instead of humbly taking defeat and changing their thinking, they went out and figured out how to destroy Jesus. That is a typical tyrannical approach at work. So what is the right understanding of the Sabbath? It was not a harsh condemnation of all activity on Saturdays design by God to be slavishly followed. It was a day of rest designed for man to refresh himself and spend time in worship. It was a day to do good as needs presented themselves. It was not a prohibition against all “doing” but a time to set aside normal labor.

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