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The Advancement of the Gospel - Matt Postiff

Audio from December 5, 2021 AM | Philippians 1:12-18
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In this message Pastor Matt leads our study in the first chapter of Philippians, where we see Paul assuring his dear friends that although he is in prison, the mission of the gospel is moving ahead anyway. In fact, the gospel is moving ahead not just despite his imprisonment, but because of it! God’s wisdom in using such situations to advance His work is amazing. COVID cannot stop the progress of the gospel, even if churches must close temporarily. Government regulations did not stop the church from worshipping last year, and they are not stopping us from worshipping this year. Interestingly, the modern-day attacks on the church can in fact be an occasion for us to become bolder and step 6 out in faith. We know what we have is precious and true. It is the only way a person can be eternally saved and secure. What do we have to be shy about? In our land, the modern version of opposition is little stuff. In other parts of the world, the harshest of persecution cannot eliminate the Christian faith. It can do real damage and deserves blame for many souls being lost because they do not hear the gospel, but if God wants the gospel anywhere, it will get there. Whether it is by a person, or by means of the computer, or radio, or print Bibles, the gospel will move. Pray that the Word will run to its destination (2 Thess. 3:1). Take serious stock of how you can be a conduit for the gospel. Don’t leave it to your pastor or hired-gun missionaries. You are a minister too (see Eph. 4:12, “work of ministry”)—even in hard times.

Our Scripture reading was found in Ezekiel 19:1-14.

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