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The Humiliation of Christ - Matt Postiff

Audio from December 19, 2021 AM | Philippians 2:3-8
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This morning we were privileged in celebrating Jesus Christs birthday through worship, bible readings, and a bible message. Christmas is part one of a three-part series of events in which our Lord Jesus Christ was brought down to the lowest depths of reality. Part one is the incarnation, part two is the human life He lived for 33 years, and part three is His death and resurrection for sinners. In comparison to Jesus: A. We are not exalted. We never will be that exalted. B. We are not that humble. Until we are that humble, we have something to strive for. C. We have not humiliated ourselves like He did. Too often we think: 1. I need this or that. Look out for #1. But Jesus concerned Himself with the needs of others. 2. I’m too good for that. But He took the form of a slave. 3. I’m too important to serve others, much less give myself to them. But He did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. D. But what we have we ought to be willing to let go for others. Jesus is our standard to strive for. 1. What would it be like if we had a church full of people with “this mind” in them? What would it be like if we had thousands of churches like that? 2. What would you be like if you had “this mind” in you? 3. What would Christmas be like around the globe if everyone took to themselves “this mind”? E. Maybe you are in a lower socioeconomic class. Jesus understands where you are at. He went down to the lowest of low. Look at His parents financial position at His birth! Look at His torture and death. F. Maybe you are having problems in your family or workplace. Take on Christ’s attitude. No “holier than thou” or “better than thou” attitude is becoming of a Christian. Loving service is what ought to mark us— toward our husbands and wives and children and extended family and in our work place and in our church. G. Maybe you don’t have the “I will” syndrome of Isaiah 14. Perhaps it is the “I won’t” syndrome of rejecting the Word of God, of rejecting humble service to others. “I won’t do that for them!” That is a sinful attitude, not a “Christ-minded” attitude. Would you humble yourself to the lowest of lows because you love God and people?” Jesus Christ has given us an example. We are called to follow it.

Our Scripture readings were found in Luke 1:26-56 and Matthew 1:18-23.

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