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Murder of John the Baptist - Matt Postiff

Audio from January 23, 2022 SS | Matthew 14:1-12
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This is a story of incest and immorality in the highest levels of government, an eccentric religious preacher, and a murder plot to get revenge. Sounds like a movie, but it was a reality.

We covered some of this in our study of Matthew 11:1-19 when we looked at John the Baptist’s depression in prison. We look at it from a different angle in these notes.

Some applications from this message:

As much as I hate to have to say it, God permits rank injustices of the worst kind, even to His people. We must be ready for that possibility. Christians in Canada are having to face this. We have had to face a little bit of it with the pandemic restrictions on religious worship. DEI and other doctrines that are running rampant mean that we will face such things in the workplace and society generally. And, when any of us face it, we all face it.

Sometimes there is a price to be paid for preaching righteousness like John did. But that price is worth the honor that it brings to God to do so.

People are hard-hearted and hard-headed. They do not see the most obvious things, particularly when it comes to love or, as I like to remind people, lust. It is very easy to mix up those concepts and feelings overrun reason and morality so that decisions regarding marriage and intimacy and living together and divorce and adultery are all messed up. Some people know it is wrong and do it anyway; others have lost the connection with moral reality and think it is just normal and not a problem. When you confront them with that, they become quickly defensive because they love what they are doing. The gospel can penetrate such force-fields, but we ourselves cannot.

We need to think about our motivations. Herod had some very complicated machinations going on in his head in which he wanted to get rid of John, but he knew better than to do that, and he had pressure from outside. We too have justifications and reasons and thoughts and desires that affect how we behave. We must make sure these complex motivations are lined up with Scripture and we do not allow ourselves to submit to the weakest or basest of motivations.

Note that our church building was closed January 9 and 16, 2022 due to COVID. Ministries from January 16 may be found on our Youtube channel. No recordings were made on January 9.

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