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Sincerely Caring for Others - Matt Postiff

Audio from February 20, 2022 AM | Philippians 2:19-24
Posted February 22, 2022 | Length: 00:44:29 | File size in bytes: 16014816

Perhaps you have some “I want to do ____” in your life. Can you convert each one to an “I trust God that I will be able to do ____”? First, is it something that you think fit with trust and God? Second, are you willing to let God carry out His plan about that, even if it does not match your plan? Third, if you are in a waiting-room type of situation, are you willing to joyfully wait, like Paul, “to see how it goes with me”? Fourth, if you are in an activity-required type of situation, are you energetically pursuing what God wants you to do while you wait for His disposition of the matter, pressing forward despite some difficulties that may arise? If you are a Christian, you are “in” the Lord—in Christ. This impacts everything you do and how you think. Your hopes, trusts, desires, actions, everything are influenced by this fact. What does “in Christ” mean? Think of the opposites—in Adam, in the world, in the flesh, in sin. Additionally, here are some applications to consider: A. I am deciding whether to go to church today. In making this decision, do I think about only myself, or do I think about all the other people at the church and how I might be a blessing to them? Do I focus on how they will be a potential detriment to me, or do I overcome that by faith in Christ and consider if I genuinely care for them in how I am making my decision? B. I am deciding how to spend the family’s finances. Do I think of others in the family, and outside of it, or just myself? C. I am going to partake in some entertainment. Am I thinking of others around me and their things, or just my own pleasure?

Our Scripture reading was found in Ezekiel 25:1-17.

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