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Divorce and Remarriage under the Law of Moses - Matthew Postiff

Audio from June 8, 2022 PM | Matthew 19:1-12
Posted June 13, 2022 | Length: 00:32:22 | File size in bytes: 11656512

This passage inevitably raises controversy. I trust you can handle differences between believers with grace and mercy. I have taught for years that the standard for Christians is no divorce, but if there is divorce, no remarriage. That is clear regardless of your emotions or experience in the matter. The bottom line for me is that God has established marriage as a very high and holy calling. It is no joke, and it is to be maintained, jealously guarded, protected, nurtured, strengthened, etc.. We ought not focus on the exception clause, as if that is the main point of this passage—because it is not. It is only a sub-point that might apply in certain difficult situations, but does not soften the reality that divorce is SIN or demonstrates a deep-rooted SIN problem in marriage.

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