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Jonah and the Fish - Matthew Postiff

Audio from June 26, 2022 AM | Jonah 1:11-17
Posted June 28, 2022 | Length: 00:56:39 | File size in bytes: 20397312

The sailors were already afraid because of the great storm that was upon them (1:5). To their credit, they became even more afraid after Jonah told them about his connection to the LORD who created the sea and land. They understood that Jonah was the cause of the danger to their lives, and their loss of goods that they just threw overboard. Remember we ended last time by noting that the sailors asked Jonah why he ran from God? He was not a murderer or some other reprobate. He was a man who knew what His God had told him to do but did not do it. These men were incredulous because in their own devotion to their “gods” they understood that there were certain things you had to do, and certain ways you had to do it, and if you violated those, you would get in trouble with that god. Obviously this thinking is awash in pagan philosophy, but there was enough of a conscience and the law of God still in their inner being, placed there by God in the creation of humanity, that they knew intuitively Jonah was doing something very dumb by disobeying the God he professed to fear. All the events we have read about were under the direct control of God, as is everything in this world. As difficult as things may seem for you, remember that God is in charge. Remember that you may have brought upon yourself some of your situation by sinning against the Lord. Or, maybe not. But consider this--if you are running from God in your life, and things are not going well, you should really consider changing course before you damage other people’s lives around you and God metaphorically throws you overboard to straighten you up!

Our Scripture reading was found in Ezekiel 41:1-26.

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