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Baptism Service: Jonah in the Fish - Matthew Postiff

Posted July 5, 2022 | Length: 00:49:03 | File size in bytes: 17663760

God did indeed rescue Jonah. He commanded the fish as only God can do. Just like He prepared the fish (1:17) and sent the storm (1:4), God is sovereign ruler of all things. Jonah had to experience one final unpleasant situation, but undoubtedly, he was glad for it—being vomited out of the fish. He had a few other consequences to deal with for some days, like needing a serious bath, food, sleep, etc. At least he was back in “the land of the living.” He would have another chance to obey God. Following this mornings message, we were delighted to see three of our youth become baptized! Praise the Lord!

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