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A Mom’s Desire - Matthew Postiff

Audio from July 6, 2022 PM | Matthew 20:20-28
Posted July 11, 2022 | Length: 00:35:55 | File size in bytes: 12214944

In what way are you like James and John, or their mother, or the other disciples? Do you have a “I want greatness” mindset? It can masquerade as an “I love attention” way of thinking. Or, “I love the limelight,” or “I like standing in front of a group of people and talking.” Or, “I want his job,” or “where I am at in life is not good enough for me.” This is much different than a “How can I help you?” attitude. Is there an area of your life, or a person in your life, that calls forth the kind of service the Lord is talking about? Do you live for self or for others? Is there a way you can serve the body of Christ in a better way?

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